Groom Writes Bride a Love Letter at St. Rita Dallas
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Groom Writes Bride a Love Letter at St. Rita Dallas

The founding of Saint Rita Catholic Church dates back to 1961. Since that time, the members built a vibrant faith community. Many marriages take place at the church. The spiritual leadership emphasizes preparation for the sacrament as part of the process. When the happy couple is ready to tie the knot at the church, wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, know exactly what images to capture.

St Rita Catholic Church Wedding Photo

In addition to the standard shots that you would expect, there are also the candid vignette images. Case in point is the groom who writes his bride a love letter. Even though they are ready to celebrate their nuptials shortly, he wants to communicate with her one more time before they do so. It is a candid shot that shows him from the side. He concentrates on the message he sends to his beloved.

Maybe he tells her of the plans he has for their future lives together. It is impossible to tell from the image what he writes. She is sure to treasure the message and include it in the wedding album. This sweet picture is timeless. They will treasure it through the years of their marriage.

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