Dallas Wedding Photography of Groomsmen Smoking Cigars
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Dallas Wedding Photography of Groomsmen Smoking Cigars

Ah the groomsmen at a wedding are perhaps the funniest group to be around. After all, the know the groom's best hours, best days, and many are his best friends - for life!

This wedding photograph was captured at The Filter Building in Dallas, Texas and it achieves the feel of the fun and unexpected.

Pre-wedding photography in Dallas, Texas is just as important as the ceremony and reception photography.

The Filter Building Wedding Photo in Dallas

These are where the groomsmen can be caught off guard and the bridesmaids are seated everywhere in the bridal suite in various stages of make-up or hair. 

There is a special place for pre-wedding photography in Dallas, Texas. How a professional decides on a shot is based on client input and very often, our ideas to just sit back, click and enjoy the editing.

Although pre-wedding photography may not have as many places in your wedding album as other pictures, they are just as important and we do our best to capture the right moments; tastefully of course!

Location: The Filter Building, 2810 White Rock Rd, Dallas, TX 75214.