Dallas Wedding Photography of Gobo at Park City Club
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Dallas Wedding Photography of Gobo at Park City Club

There is something special about the photos that wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, put together at the Park City Club. The venue offers vistas of the city’s skyline. They make fantastic backdrops. Daytime shots capture the champagne colors of the linens. After-dark photos show the twinkling lights of the city and let its play on the floor come out.

It always makes sense to take some photos of the banquet room before the guests enter for the reception. You want the bride and groom to get the full effect of the decorations and the careful preparation that went into the presentation of the venue. Of course, the couple is too busy with the guests. They are heading up the elevators or stairs to the party rooms!

Dallas Wedding Photo at Park City Club

A seasoned professional knows that ducking into the various rooms for location shots is vital. Doing so before guests arrive – but after staff members leave – is the best way of capturing the images. Because your photographer gets to know you before the event, he will know what types of shots you want. He also understands the mood that you want to create.

Location: 5956 Sherry Ln #1700, Dallas, TX 75225.