Dallas Wedding Photography The Filter Building
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Dallas Wedding Photography The Filter Building

White Rock Lake and The Filter Building are one of Dallas’ premier wedding venues. Back in 1922, the building contained a sedimentation basin that would allow water from the lake to undergo filtering before heading to the taps of residents. In the 1950s and 60s, the building was no longer in use.

Graffiti took over. Then, a local charity leased the lake and building from the water utility. The newly renovated Filter Building is now an event venue that supports the group. It accommodates 200 guests. Wedding photographers in Dallas, TX appreciate the opportunity to capture the images of happy couples against the red brick of the main hall.

The Filter Building Wedding Photo

But there is also plenty of space for a picture of just the happy couple against the blue sky. It is just you two, the grass, and the clouds. This setting is the once-in-a-lifetime shot that you will never be able to recreate. It may picture you after the ceremony while heading to the reception.

Because there is an absence of overwhelming colors, the floral bouquet is a must in this photo. There is a good chance that this image will become the front cover for your holiday cards this year.

Location: 2810 White Rock Rd. Dallas, Texas 75214.