Dallas Wedding Photography at Christ the King
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Dallas Wedding Photography at Christ the King

Christ the King Catholic Church is a favorite location for countless wedding photographers in Dallas, TX. Its exterior displays tall, mature trees that spread a generous canopy over wedding parties. On the interior, the detail work of the sumptuous decor impresses. It allows for fantastic images that delight with colors and ornamentation.

Case in point is the couple that just got married at the church. The guests have already left the facility and headed out to the reception. The newlyweds are staying behind for a quick breather. She seems ready to try some dance steps. He looks happy and on top of the world.

Christ the King Wedding Photo

The gold and brown tones of the backdrops make her dress stand out beautifully. This great transitional image captures the brief time between ceremony and party. You see their personalities shining through with this picture. Playful but still serious, they are ready to party now.

Make these images part of your wedding album, too. They help you to think back to this special day. It sets the tone for reminiscences you and your spouse will have for years to come. In a few decades, you might be looking back on this picture as you plan your vow renewal.

Location: 8017 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75225.