Dallas Wedding Photography at Cathedral Santuario
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Dallas Wedding Photography at Cathedral Santuario

For the quintessentially traditional Roman Catholic wedding, you cannot go wrong with the Cathedral Santuario. The Victorian Gothic architecture is evident all around the building. Attention to detail accentuates all aspects of the artistry. Not surprisingly, it is a favorite location for wedding photographers in Dallas, TX.

Couples love the time-honored shots they can request. A good example is the newly married husband and wife descending the stairs that lead from the interior to the street. Friends and family members who wish them well and take photos flank them. The photographer is at the bottom, getting pictures of their movements and the actions of the crowds. He ensures that the gorgeous architecture of the venue serves as the ideal backdrop.

Wedding Photo at Cathedral Santuario

Nobody is paying any attention to the professional, which is ideal. Everyone’s focus is on the bride and groom. In the years to come, they will remember the moment they emerged from the cathedral. They recall what they were thinking about as a newly married couple. Maybe they were joking with each other and their well-wishers. This kind of photo is the ideal catalyst to get them talking.

Location: 2215 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75201.