Dallas Wedding Photograph of Grooms Watches
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Dallas Wedding Photograph of Grooms Watches

Sometimes, the best shots that wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, take are those that capture a mood. These images will remind the married couple of special events, occasions, or happenings that were part of their big day. Case in point is a group of groom’s men at the Filter Building. This wedding venue is famous in the area. It has all the amenities that combine rustic chic with urban elegance.

A professional will get a good quantity of excellent shots here. But in addition to the standard images that capture the beauty of the event, there are those that catch its character. The left wrists of the groom’s men with their identical watches are good examples. They are the presents that the groom presented to the friends who stand by his side on this momentous day.

Wedding Photo at the Filter Building

It is a kind gesture and one that they appreciate. These watches are symbols that remind them of their commitment to the groom. In this photo, they almost take on the appearance of the drawn swords of the Musketeers. He will remember his friends even though the shot does not show their faces. He treasures this photo. He might even put a copy of it in his man cave.

Location: 2810 White Rock Rd, Dallas, TX 75214.