Dallas Wedding Photo at Highland Park United Methodist
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Dallas Wedding Photo at Highland Park United Methodist

The Highland Park United Methodist Church is a gorgeous venue in Dallas. It combines elements of classical cathedral design with gothic undertones that are not lost on onlookers. Mature trees create the ideal backdrop for wedding photographers in Dallas, TX.

Couples enjoy the beauty that the building brings to their photos. To emphasize the size of the spire and bring in the beauty of the windows, they opt for pictures in front of the building’s corner. As they gaze into one another’s eyes, the structure rises majestically into the sky.

Wedding Photo at Highland Park United

Black and white photography is an excellent option for these pictures. It allows for the sunlight shining through the trees to reflect beautifully off the building’s façade. In the process, it will enable the photographer to soften the building’s lines just a little to keep the attention on the couple in the foreground.

She holds her bouquet, which balances the setup. He stands behind her and off to the side, which shows off her neckline and the beauty of the dress. At the same time, it presents his matching suit and boutonnière. There is no doubt that this is a memorable shot the couple will treasure for years to come.

Location: 3300 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205.