Dallas Photography of Groom Tying Bow-Tie at Magnolia
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Dallas Photography of Groom Tying Bow-Tie at Magnolia

If your taste in architecture runs toward the Beaux-Arts design, and if there is a wedding in your future, you cannot go wrong with the Magnolia Hotel as a venue. Build in 1922, its exterior and modern interior create a fantastic counterpoint. Wedding photographers in Dallas, Texas, know that their clients will love the images taken there.

Many of our couples enjoy the behind-the-scenes shots at these types of locales. A good example is the groom tying a bow-tie as he gets ready. It is a casual image. But he looks serious. What is up ahead is going through his mind. He readies himself for the ceremony. The gravity of the situation catches up to him. You can tell that there is a determination in his mien. He is ready to become the best husband he can be.

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A candid photo like this will be something the couple might laugh about later on. However, it also serves to bring back the mood of the day. She may ask what he was thinking about. Explaining it to her allows him to relive the thoughts and feelings he experienced. These are the kinds of shots that are essential for a wedding album.

Location: 1401 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75201.