Dallas Photography of Groom at Christ the King Church
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Dallas Photography of Groom at Christ the King Church

For a gorgeous church wedding, you cannot go wrong with Christ the King Catholic Church. Stained glass windows, beautifully adorned walls, and dramatic architecture combine to make it the perfect locale for wedding photography in Dallas, TX. The skilled professional will have no problems maintaining the proper decorum while getting superior images from the ceremony and the mass.

But did you know that the selection of great shots does not end there? In fact, candid shots of the groom apart from his bride are an excellent addition to wedding albums. Envision him as he readies himself to take up the place in front of the altar. He gathers his thoughts and gains control of his emotions. His back is to the photographer, and he faces the ornate doors that separate him from the church and his family.

Wedding Photography at Christ the King

Once he moves and steps past these doors, the ceremony begins. Just before he takes the most important steps of his life, the photographer catches him standing there, contemplating the true meaning of the day. After the wedding, maybe on the first anniversary, he and his wife will look through their wedding album. He may then share with her the thoughts he had at that moment.

Location: 8017 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75225.