Dallas Photograph of Wedding Program at Christ the King
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Dallas Photograph of Wedding Program at Christ the King

Christ the King Catholic Church in Dallas is an impressive wedding venue. It features an elongated nave, breathtakingly beautiful church frescoes, and highly polished floors. This place is a venue that invites for a formal wedding. As such, it is clear that wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, must hit all the right notes when taking pictures.

Case in point is the photo of the wedding program. It is a staple for photo albums and their covers. The wedding program becomes a memento of a life-changing event. Couples like to see this item memorialized. However, you cannot just take a picture and move on.

Wedding Photo at Christ the King

Instead, the program plays a pivotal role that demands careful treatment. Why not lean it against a couple of sprigs of flowers? Take the image against the backdrop of the bride’s dressing room. Then again, you might place it on a bench in the nave where soon the processional will go down the aisle.

Doing so includes the program in the festivities. But by blurring the backdrop just a little, you emphasize the importance of this paper – without losing the ambiance of the setting.

Location: 8017 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75225.