Dallas Photograph of Newlyweds Laughing at Wedding
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Dallas Photograph of Newlyweds Laughing at Wedding

Wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, know that the ceremony is a carefully choreographed event. Planners keep an eye on the details to ensure that everything moves along the schedule. But your photos should not look like you are on the clock. In fact, some of the best wedding photos are those that seem spontaneous.

Case in point is a couple of newlyweds hugging and smiling. They have not yet caught up with the bridal party or the guests at the reception. She still has not tossed her bouquet to the bridesmaids. This photo captures the two of them after the ceremony. They enjoy each other’s company and spend some time in the garden of the venue.

Wedding Photo in Dallas

There, they look giddy and seem glad to have made it through the service without any hiccups. The attitude is a little like that of two kids playing hooky. For a brief moment, they escape the scripted program that is their special day. Soon, they will catch up with their guests and dance their first number as a married couple.

These kinds of moments are impossible to redo later on. It takes a skilled photographer to capture the essence of the couple in this way.

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