Dallas Photograph of Groom at St. Rita Catholic Church
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Dallas Photograph of Groom at St. Rita Catholic Church

The St. Rita Catholic Church is quite popular among couples and wedding photographers in Dallas, TX. In addition to an attractive interior, the setting also presents with many areas that are ideal for portraits. Case in point is the window-lined area that faces the red brick wall.

Grooms’ portraits are ideally suited for this setting. The metal and glass combine with the hardness of the bricks to create a natural ambiance that appeals to men. It shows off the good looks of a dark suit and tie. The groom casually leans against the window framing. He smiles as he looks outside. It is impossible to tell what is on his mind, but it is clear that he enjoys himself.

Wedding Photo at Saint Rita

Grooms and brides’ portraits are staples of well-designed wedding albums. They allow for the solo shots that augment the photos of both people together. They set the mood for the nuptials, and they help the couple to reminisce later on. He might recall what he was thinking about at that time. She may remember the feel of the satin dress. A good photographer will capture these moments that are impossible to duplicate later on.

Location: 12521 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244.