Dallas Newlywed Couple Kiss at Higginbotham Building
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Dallas Newlywed Couple Kiss at Higginbotham Building

The Higginbotham Building is a historic venue. Its facade design is a favorite for wedding photographers in Dallas, TX. By using the great looks of the building as a backdrop for close-ups and other shots, plenty of couples now have a piece of local history in their wedding albums. But the interior is filled with great photo opportunities, too.

Case in point is the newly married couple that leans casually against an open safe. It is a shot that is perfectly aligned with their overall sense of fun and excitement. She leans back for a kiss. These kinds of photos are possible when a couple works with a photographer so the professional can get to know them.

Wedding Photo in Dallas at Higginbotham Building

Typically, these kinds of couples first meet with the expert when they are engaged. They ask for engagement photos that let their personalities shine through. In the process, the photographer gets to know them. He learns what they like to do, which allows him to anticipate their moves at the wedding.

The result is a set of photos that are big on personality. And these are kinds of images they might later choose for Christmas or thank you cards.

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