Dallas Groomsmen Photo at Highland Park Wedding
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Dallas Groomsmen Photo at Highland Park Wedding

The Highland Park United Methodist Church serves as the backdrop for countless wedding photographers in Dallas, TX. It is an excellent location with mature trees and manicured lawns. The architecture of the church offers columns, staircases, and plenty of spots where groups might congregate for a great photo opportunity.

Case in point is the group of groomsmen. They meet up before the wedding. They sit down on the steps with the groom and reminisce. All wear their most elegant outfits with boutonnieres properly pinned to lapels. They are ready to go as soon as the officiant beckons them.

Dallas Wedding Photo at Highland Park

They might be giving some friendly advice to the soon-to-be husband. Maybe they remember the times when it was just the guys hanging out. Then again, they might remember the day that the groom asked them to be members of his wedding party. Only these groomsmen really know what the conversation is all about – and they are not telling us.

In years to come, this photo is going to be a treasure. It may be the last time that all these friends are together. Then again, it may be the first of more weddings that see this group reunited.

Location: 3300 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205.