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Dallas Catholic Wedding Photographer

When you work with wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, you want the professional to be respectful of the venue you have chosen for the ceremony. This mandate becomes even more pressing when you select a formal religious setting, such as a Catholic church, for your nuptials. Several strict and common sense rules govern photographers’ conduct at these venues.

Wedding Photo at Christ the King

That said, you still want to enjoy the candid shots from the ceremony. A professional knows how to take pictures so that the practice does not interfere with the officiant or the service itself. Take the moment when the couple stands at the altar. A volunteer reads from the Bible. The groom looks toward the photographer and smiles. But it is a suppressed smile – one that is only shared between the two of them.

The bride listens with her eyes downcast. He is excited and does everything he can to stand still. The gravity of the situation is not lost on him. The smile shows that he understands that there is someone else in the room that gets it. This is the kind of image you want to include in your wedding album!

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