Dallas Bride and Groom Kiss During 1st Look at Wedding
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Dallas Bride and Groom Kiss During 1st Look at Wedding

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic faith community. The interior and exterior of the building follow the traditional setup of long-established churches. Getting married at the venue is a privilege reserved for registered members. Being invited to a ceremony to provide professional wedding photography in Dallas, Texas, is, therefore, an honor.

In addition to providing images of the ceremony itself, there are the shots of the happy couple. The first look they share after the service is one for the books. Now married, they are not yet quite ready to head over to the reception. They enjoy their closeness. They appreciate the gravity of the situation but are excited about what the future may hold for them. The image of them together clearly expresses this excitement.

St. Thomas Aquinas Wedding Photo

These types of images cannot be staged. A good photographer hovers near the couple and takes the photos as the situations arise. Sure, there are some circumstances where you might choreograph a pose. However, this is not one of them. It is a candid shot of the couple after the event that you can never redo. Being there and ready to snap away is vital.

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