Bridesmaids Button Father of Brides Cufflinks in Dallas
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Bridesmaids Button Father of Brides Cufflinks in Dallas

It is a bittersweet day for the father of the bride. His little girl is officially becoming a woman with her own household. She will never again see her daddy as the number one man in her life. This will be her husband’s title from now on. But the father of the bride knows that she has chosen well. As he goes through the process of getting ready for the ceremony, he remembers the talks they had through the years.

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Now, he stands tall in his suit. Bridesmaids help him to button the cufflinks. This image is a loving vignette of the behind-the-scenes pictures that a wedding photographer in Dallas, TX might capture. A series of these candid shots makes up a small portion of the album that will remind a couple of their magical day.

This type of image is ideally done in black and white to underscore its timeless appeal. The father’s smile, attitude, and confidence set the tone for the atmosphere. Sure, it is a bittersweet day, but he is still enjoying himself. He is getting ready to march his daughter down the aisle to the waiting husband-to-be. And then, he steps back.

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