Bridesmaid Putting Final Touches on Glen Eagles Bride
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Bridesmaid Putting Final Touches on Glen Eagles Bride

One of the advantages of getting married at the Glen Eagles Country Club is the perfectly apportioned bridal suite setting. It is a delight for wedding photographers in Plano, TX. The wood panel doors create attractive backdrops that allow for the bright white colors of the wedding clothes to contrast. But did you know that you could make these photos even more interesting by switching to black and white photography?

Wedding Photo at Glen Eagles Country Club

Case in point is the bridesmaid who helps the bride close the back of the dress. It is a last-minute task that readies her for the walk down the aisle. She appreciates the helpful gesture that her friend provides. She leans slightly against the wall. Her eyes are downcast, and her hair cascades beautifully over her shoulder. It shows the bride in a candid before-the-ceremony shot.

Combined with equally candid pictures of the groom, you get a good sense of who these people are as individuals. Then, you see the photos of the two together. Their ceremony, the reception, and any engagement photos that they had taken will introduce you to the couple they are now. Expressing this journey in stand-alone images is a delight!

Location: 5401 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093.