Bridal Portrait at the Room on Main Dallas
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Bridal Portrait at the Room on Main Dallas

The Room on Main will host your wedding as well as your reception. It is the kind of location that wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, love. The huge ballroom offers countless opportunities for getting great pictures of the happy couple as well as the guests. Antique chandeliers, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and neutral colors in the backdrop are a photographer’s dream.

But this location does something else right, too. There is a men’s lounge as well as a bridal parlor. These areas are perfect for portrait shots before the ceremony. Of course, you do not have to catch the bride or groom in these rooms for great photos. There are plenty of additional spaces where you can get a candid shot of the wedding’s main players. Case in point is the bridal portrait at the Room on Main.

Dallas Wedding Photo at The Room on Main

She poses near a window with a gorgeous vista. Her white dress looks fantastic. The dress' train sweeps around here and contrasts beautifully with the dark hardwood floors. The champagne drapes create a border with texture and visual interest. The high ceiling does not limit the image’s great looks. She will remember this image forever.

Location: 2030 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201.