Best Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Perrin, Texas
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Best Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Perrin, Texas

A snapshot of the bride and groom on hay bales? Why, yes, of course! For someone who does wedding photography in Perrin, TX, hay bales are par for the course. Some couples love the grand nature of winding staircases. Others favor the columns of old church buildings. Still others like to have some good-natured fun with a picture on a hay bale.

Wedding Photography in Perrin

He almost sweeps her off her feet. The kiss shows that these two have already said their vows. She looks stunning in her white dress and free-flowing long hair. The wedding bouquet is at her side. He looks every inch the country gentleman. The cowboy hat he wears with his white shirt matches perfectly.

This setup is the kind of quirky shot you might suggest when you get to know a couple. Working with future brides and grooms on engagement photos makes it possible to find out what they like and how they want their nuptials to be remembered. For some, this includes a picture on the hay bales. For others, it might be something entirely different. What would it be for you?

Location: Perrin, Texas.