Aubrey Wedding Photography at Harmony Chapel
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Aubrey Wedding Photography at Harmony Chapel

Aubrey’s Harmony Wedding Chapel is a cozy setting that combines intentionally stunning architecture with dramatic vistas. It is ideal for parties of about 130 individuals. Couples who like to have their weddings and receptions at the same location just cannot overlook this locale. Wedding photographers in Aubrey, TX, love getting shots from the balcony to survey the gradually filling interior.

This vantage point is also a good choice for the pictures after the ceremony. As the freshly minted married couple walks away from the officiant and toward the door, capturing them from this height makes a fantastic impression. Being at the back of the chapel further encourages the incorporation of the play of light and shadows. Late afternoon weddings are ideal for catching the reds of the sunset.

Harmony Chapel Wedding Photo in Aubrey

The gleaming floorboards and the tall windows work together to make a stunning impression. Combining photos from this point of view with others close up is a must. We recommend taking pictures after the ceremony, too, which allows the couple to pose against the windows to bring in nature with the shots. This location is also ideal for getting great photos from the reception later on.

Location: 1720 Dr Sanders Rd, Aubrey, TX 76227.