Allen Newly Wed Bride and Groom Celebrating 1st Dance
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Allen Newly Wed Bride and Groom Celebrating 1st Dance

The Golf Club at Twin Creeks is a great setting for a wedding and reception. In particular, the outdoor patio is ideal for the hot summer evenings with dining and dancing. That said, the inside of the facility is fantastic, too. The cherry wood doors are lovely and make for great photo backdrops. The rooms are spacious and allow the party to be seated, enjoy a meal, and then get up for some dancing.

Allen Wedding Photography at Twin Creeks Country Club

For the wedding photographer in Allen, TX, capturing the magic of the first dance is a must. As the newlyweds take the dance floor and open up the festivities, there is a glow that is impossible to recreate. It is a moment in time that you never want to forget. It remains seared in the minds of guests who help the couple to celebrate.

Everything fades away. The focus is only on the couple. She smiles and gazes at her new husband. He is in awe at his new role. Together, they sway to the music. They do not smile for the camera but only at each other. And a good photographer knows to capture this moment without changing a thing.

Location: 501 Twin Creeks Dr, Allen, TX 75013.