1st Wedding Photo Taken at Higginbotham Building Dallas
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1st Wedding Photo Taken at Higginbotham Building Dallas

The Higginbotham-Bailey Building dates back to 1914. It used to be a commercial building that served as a storage facility. Even so, architects used the renowned Renaissance Revival style when constructing the edifice. Now, this building serves as a backdrop for wedding photography in Plano, TX.

Case in point is the couple that walks past the famous facade. They link arms. Are they just coming from the ceremony? Maybe they are headed for the reception. They lean in and whisper. She kisses him. This marriage is off to a good start.

Higgnbotham Wedding Photo in Dallas

Candid shots such as this one are next to impossible to stage. It takes a photographer with a keen eye for situational opportunities to make this image possible. Moreover, this expert has to keep a close eye on the couple and understand what they like to do. After all, how would the professional know to follow them if he had not come to recognize that the couple tends to stage quick getaways for time alone together?

Work with a specialist who gets to know you and fills your wedding album with the images that will bring back great memories in the years and decades to come.

Location: 2922 Swiss Ave Dallas, Texas, TX 75204.