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Wedding Photograph of Bride and Groom at The Orchard
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Ask most people the one time in their life when they’re absolutely, definitely going to want a Dallas wedding photographer there, and you’ll get one of two answers. Most people are going to keep it simple and go with the obvious solution — their wedding.

Your marriage is a huge deal, and there are about 1.4 jillion moving parts that need to all work in harmony if the big day has any hope of living up to the expectations you have in your head (though I’ve been to a bunch of Dallas-Fort Worth-area nuptials in my time, and you know what? Don’t stress. It is, actually, going to be wonderful, better than you can even imagine, and yes, you will remember it for the rest of your lives. D’aww. Congrats, you two.).

I’m not biased (I don’t think?), but of all the people to carefully vet while getting your wedding-planning ducks in a row, your wedding photographer is probably among the most important. Aside from your undying love, the photos this person takes are going to be the only keepsakes that will actually last you for the rest of your lives. Finding professional Dallas wedding photographers to show up and adhere to your checklist is important, but so is choosing someone who resonates with your own unique vibe, and who automatically clicks with all of your family dynamics (Aunt Mabel and Uncle Paul don’t like each other? It’s all good!). In short, you want a wedding photographer in Dallas who takes the time to get to know you in advance, so that when the big day rolls around, you’re already good friends. (Plus, we can book up fast in advance of the busy wedding seasons).

Acquiring a photographer early-on can come will all kinds of fringe benefits, too. This person has been working the wedding scene for long enough that they know all the go-to vendors off the tops of their heads. Need a baker in Arlington? A florist in Garland? A caterer from Irving? A last-minute suit guy Downtown because the best man gained 5 pounds since he was measured for his tux? Your photographer knows all these folks, and can hook you up.

If procuring a photographer is on your priority list, and you like what I do, please get in touch — I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have, and if you like how things are going, we’ll set up a time to grab a cup of coffee and check out some mood boards. Also, be sure to check out my wedding guides if you are still in the planning stages of your wedding.

Oh, and the second time you’re definitely going to want a photographer is for that one afternoon when you swear you saw Tom Hanks at Whole Foods, but you left your phone in you car, and by the time you went outside to get it, he was already gone, and you told your friends, but nobody believes you, even though you’re sure it was him. Happens all the time.