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Headshot Photography in Plano Texas

Headshots are becoming a standard on company websites, company printed information, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and more. They are necessity for models. Today's society is a digital one that remembers images they see and that includes headshots. So how to prepare for your photo moment? Your face is a large part of your headshot so I recommend not changing any skin care products prior to your shoot. A switch in these could cause redness or acne to appear. For the ladies, if you don't consider yourself an expert in hair and make-up, seek a professional. Even local malls offer makeovers for free or at a very low price. As far as what to wear, mid-tone colors work best. White is a no-no because it can appear washed out in the final product. All women know what dress or blouse style flatters their shoulder line, so pick the one that looks the best on you. Men should keep it simple. It the shot requires a full suit and tie, do so.  If it's more casual, be sure the outfit you choose is also of mid-tones and free of fading.

Plano Headshot Photography

My headshots are taken using the latest in digital photography. That means I am able to capture your image in the best light but also perform any touch ups as needed. The next question I am asked a lot is "When should I update my headshot?" The answer to that is simple. Get a new headshot photo when your appearance changes. As you age, headshots should be kept up-to-date. A permanent switch to a hair color or taking your thinning hair to the bald look calls for another headshot. Keep all these pointers in mind and I always tell my clients to ask questions of me. How does the process work and what can I expect? This results in trust and the perfect final headshot photography in Plano, Texas.

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