Headshot of Dallas, Plano Photographer Daniel Motta
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Headshot of Dallas, Plano Photographer Daniel Motta

Headshot photography in Dallas and Plano, Texas, has changed. In the past, busy backgrounds and patterned clothing options were the norm. But tastes have changed. Over the last few years, the trend has moved to single-tone clothing options and neutral backgrounds. One of the telltale hallmarks of this photography is the dark backdrop.

Because I practice what I preach, I have taken some headshots of myself in keeping with the latest trends. As you will notice, the emphasis is not on the clothing or backdrop. The eye redirects immediately to the face. Its expression is what you take in. For a professional in any field, the facial expression now becomes the calling card. Clothing and colorful backdrops should not detract from it.

Dallas & Plano Headshot Photographer

You express your confidence and personality. Because others in your field are doing the same thing, you also let some of your persona shine through. Doing so comes naturally with a definition of your attitude. When working with business professionals, we usually talk first about what kind of character trait they want to bring to the forefront. For some, it is confidence. For others, it is professionalism. What would it be for you?

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