Photo of Couple Celebrating Engagement at the Meyerson
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Photo of Couple Celebrating Engagement at the Meyerson

The Meyerson is part of the downtown Dallas Arts District. The design features glass and metal in geometric patterns that make a photogenic backdrop. Not surprisingly, it is a great option for engagement photographers in Dallas, TX. The shrubs on the exterior give the illusion of lush landscaping.

He gazes at the photographer while she looks happily toward the sunset. The future husband cannot believe his good luck. It is a candid shot of a couple that has taken a significant step forward in its relationship. Everything changes from here.

Engagement Photography at Meyerson in Dallas

Plans are no longer just made by one of them. There is now a wedding to plan. They will find a venue that embraces their style and personalities. Next, they find a reception locale that is large enough for the group of people who will come out to help them celebrate. The photographer will be part of some of the milestones.

There is going to be a rehearsal dinner. The preparation on the big day allows for some fantastic photo opportunities. Next, there is the ceremony. Will the groom give the photographer another candid glance? Maybe it will be the bride’s turn.

Location: 2301 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201.