Engagement Photography at Prairie Creek Park
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Engagement Photography at Prairie Creek Park

Prairie Creek Park is a favorite destination for couples and engagement photographers in Richardson, TX. The venue itself is small but intimate. Time your engagement just right, and you benefit from a breathtaking background that includes copious wildflowers in all their colorful glory. But even if you opt for a fall or winter engagement, you still benefit from the majesty of the tall, mature trees.

Engagement Photo in Richardson

For the happy couple that wants to use these trees as a backdrop, consider timing the shoot just right to coincide with the sunlight peeking through the leaves. Doing so gives you the advantage of creating a slight halo effect that looks fantastic when taking the foliage slightly out of focus. We recommend wearing strong colors that contrast well with the natural tones.

Examples might include reds, blacks, and whites. As the couple embraces, she turns her head and smiles for the camera. Her hand rests lightly on his arm. It features a stunning ring and a matching bracelet. She looks happy. So does the groom-to-be. This photoshoot sets the tone for pictures the photographer takes during the wedding and subsequent reception.

Location: 2399 E Prairie Creek Dr. Richardson, Texas 75080.