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Engagement Photography in Dallas, Texas

The AT&T Performing Arts Center is the backdrop for countless engagement pictures. The grounds are perfect because of their ambiance. Whether you want tall buildings in the background, prefer to focus more attention on the plants, or wish to create an image that will make the perfect postcard, engagement photographers in Dallas, TX, can make it happen.

The couple looks happy and content. They lean in close to one another. If the bride-to-be chooses to wear her engagement ring on the left hand, this is the perfect pose. But even without displaying the jewel, it is clear that this photo is for a special occasion and not just a spur-of-the-moment image.

AT&T Performing Arts Center Engagement Photo

The golden foliage of the plants in the background gently blurs to let the two stand out in the foreground. The same is true for the buildings. Flowers in the front of the image are crisp and set the stage. They provide a spatial reference that balances the photo.

In the process of arranging the appearance of the photo, the professional gets to know the couple. Gleaning the couple's preferences for settings helps with the wedding photos later on.

Location: 2403 Flora St #500, Dallas, TX 75201.