Couple celebrate engagement at AT&T Performing Arts
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Couple celebrate engagement at AT&T Performing Arts

The AT&T Performing Arts Center is a favorite venue for engagement photography in Dallas, TX. It is part of the city’s cultural landscape and presents countless backdrop options that suit the couple. The locale combines fun with understated elegance and geometric shapes that look fantastic in any picture.

For this image, the couple chooses a playful pose. Both wear stylish but business casual selections. The future groom turns his back to the camera and puts his hands in his pants pockets. She faces the camera and threads her arm through his. Her radiant smile, combined with the subtle hand with the engagement ring display on his upper arm, sets the tone for the photo.

AT&T Performing Arts Center Engagement

They are thrilled to be an engaged couple. They look forward to the future. They are confident in their choices and know that they will enjoy the process of being engaged and working toward that special wedding day. Capturing the essence of the couple is the job of the engagement photography specialist.

He takes what he learns now and applies it when taking pictures at the wedding. This is one of the reasons why couples choose to undertake engagement photo shoots in the first place.

Location: 2403 Flora St #500, Dallas, TX 75201.