Couple Celebrate Engagement at Arbor Hills in Plano
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Couple Celebrate Engagement at Arbor Hills in Plano

The park at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is gorgeous. Wildflowers set the stage. Trails snake through the area. A pavilion beckons. It is an excellent choice for engagement photography in Plano, TX.

The photographer appears hidden behind tall grasses. The happy couple seals its engagement with a kiss. They stand in the midst of wildflowers. He leans forward and tilts her back. She melts into the embrace. They are elegant and look great together.

The colors of the clothes stand out against the green and orange tones of the background. The navy blue color of her dress contrasts well with the white of his shirt. It is clear that the future bride and groom complement each other.

Arbor Hills Engagement Photo

This engagement session is also an excellent opportunity for the photographer to learn more about what the couple likes. It assists with planning the photo sessions for the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding and subsequent reception.

For the engagement photos, you are in the driver’s seat and give plenty of directions. It is up to me to learn what you like and what you expect. I will take this understanding and apply it to the occasions when you cannot give directions. You will love your wedding pictures!

Location: 6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093.