Black and White Photography of Couple's Engagement
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Black and White Photography of Couple's Engagement

They gaze into each other’s eyes. A timeless vignette of their shared lives. They have decided to get married. And because this decision represents a momentous shift in both of their lives, they want to capture it on film. Engagement photography in Plano, TX makes it possible to do just that.

Black and white images capture a mood and allow the onlooker to focus on what really matters. The facial expressions show happiness and excitement for the years to come. They look forward to a shared future, and their expressions are powerful testimonies of this desire.

Engagement Photo at Haggard Park

During the photo shoot, the pro and the couple get to know each other. The photographer learns what the future bride and groom look for in their pictures. Do they prefer quirky or traditional? Should there be a hint of sophistication in the chosen backdrop?

By finding out their preferences during the engagement photo shoot, the actual wedding ceremony and reception will yield perfect images. They will encapsulate the couple’s tastes and personalities. That said, the engagement photo comes first. It is the onset of a visual journey that chronicles a life-altering decision by two people in love.

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