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Headshot of Ebby Halliday Real Estate Agent

Ebby Halliday Realtors are well-known professionals in the business. The agency opened its doors in 1945 and made the dream of home-ownership possible for countless families. The founder of the company was not afraid to take calculated risks and blaze a trail. The agents who follow her example do the same.

Because an image is an integral part of an agent’s brand message, headshot photographers in Dallas, TX, must capture the essence of the professional. An open, friendly smile creates trust. By keeping makeup to a minimum, a woman succeeds in signaling her genuine care for the client.

Ebby Halliday Headshot 

The backdrop is devoid of images or colors. It makes the headshot stand out. Clothing colors are muted to prevent anything from drawing attention away from the face. The only splash of color is a set of earrings. It creates an attractive visual counterpoint. In fact, it completes the brand message of the real estate pro.

For men, the background is typically darker. The same goes for the clothing color choices. Once again, it is vital for simplicity in clothing and accessory selection to underscore the expression of the face.

Location: Allen, Texas.

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