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Employee Corporate Headshot for Service Hoot in Plano

Confident but not cocky; open and approachable; friendly and welcoming. These are just some of the thoughts that you might have when taking in an image of ServiceHoot, LLC’s owner. This marketing agency provides reputation management and social media engagement for local businesses. Headshot photographers in Plano, TX, must capture the essence of the individual with an eye on the corporate brand message.

Plano Corporate Headshot

There is always the temptation to overdo the presentation. A multi-colored backdrop or a colorful clothing option can undo the entire shoot. Instead, it makes sense for the image to focus on the impression that the company’s owner wants to communicate to the client. Doing so relies on capturing the essence of his facial expression and friendly smile.

We typically recommend keeping the clothing plain. We select a background that may be a shade lighter than the individual’s clothing choice. It shows off the colors in a complementary fashion but does not detract from the face. In fact, it directs the viewer’s attention directly to the facial expression. With so much planning going into the creation of a headshot, is it any wonder that more and more businesses use these pictures on their websites?

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