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Corporate Plano Executive Headshot

Headshot photographers in Plano, TX, work hard to capture the essence of the individual. The visual nature of the internet makes it impractical to go with run-of-the-mill images. Instead, it pays to stand out. Because so many photos now feature a saturation of colors, skilled professionals recognize the importance of limiting hues.

Case in point is the executive headshot that features the individual in two or three color tones. Gray, blue, and black are ideally suited for the occasion. The backdrop hue could be slightly lighter than the individual’s clothing. It allows for the creation of contrast without the need for dramatic tone compositions.

Plano Headshot Photography

This type of image stands out. It is ideally suited for a website, social media page, or for prints to hang in the lobby of a company. The subject looks confident and gazes right at the camera. He is a little reserved, but there is plenty of warmth coming through. It is a no-nonsense image that avoids the overly large smile that millennial's recognize as fake.

Work with a professional who understands the intricacies of taking these types of images. They can make you – and your company – stand out.

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